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Ajman Free Zone receives 1062 job applications in the Job Fair at Expo Sharjah

Ajman Free Zone Authority received 1062 job applications from citizens by participating in the 13th National Job Fair which took place at Expo Sharjah within the framework of its strategy that aims at promoting nationalization efforts in the country and attracting young qualifications. In its wing in the fair, the Authority made an introductory presentation for its guests, including young men and women, about the job opportunities available in Ajman Free Zone and the mechanisms it may provide to newly graduated citizens.

Ajman Free Zone Authority, through its participation in the fair, seeks to support initiatives which allow access to all citizens who desire to get employed, in continuation to its methodology followed since its incorporation.

 Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, the Director General of Ajman Ports and Customs Department and Ajman Free Zone Authority, confirmed that the participation of Ajman Free Zone Authority in the 13th National Job Fair is within the framework of the authority’s continuous concern about citizens and about the provision of all means for them to join the work field and participate in the development and modernization movement which the country is witnessing under the supervision of its wise leadership.

This Fair is an important opportunity to support nationalization policies, and is considered one of the most important events which contribute in activating the programs of Employing National Cadres, and it gives citizens who are seeking for jobs the opportunity to know the job market, Al -Nuaimi added.

 Al Nuaimi also explained the authority’s persistence to rehabilitate and develop the citizens who are employed in the authority through training sessions which aim at strengthening the employees’ skills in order to get along with development and the employment updates, especially under the new human resources identity. This also aims at implementing and controlling Human resources functions, including labor force planning and employment while emphasizing, at the same time, on increasing the percentage of nationalization,  training national employees, developing their qualifications , providing management support, spreading knowledge and having the team spirit in work , in addition to continuously evaluating  the Human resources policies, procedures, and employees’ performance in order to enable the authority’s employees to achieve their strategic goals which are  related to Human resources.

Al- Nuaimi demonstrated the most important aspects of training work in Human Resources Management which is based on preparing the annual training plan, managing the database of training centers and the certified lecturers inside and outside the country, managing the implementation of training programs approved in the annual plan, and preparing an institutional system to measure training results, in addition to coordinating with the authorities which carry out training , evaluating the training program and following up the summer training , and the field training of university students, besides periodically surveying the employees’ satisfaction with respect to training programs and the extent of benefit from such programs.

Al-Nuaimi stated that Human Resources management, in its new identity functions related to Human Resources, emphasizes on the country’s policies concerning the increase of nationalization percentage, in addition to the rules and regulations related to allowances, promotions and employment features , transport, charging, developing and evaluating the annual performance of employees and submitting regular reports, in addition to surveying annual employees satisfaction, managing employees’ leaves, attendance, absence, preparation, and participation in job fairs, besides managing and keeping employees files and maintaining confidentiality.

Furthermore, Al Nuaimi confirmed that Ajman Free Zone is developing employees, rehabilitating them, and adopting other partners by hosting particular sessions, training and rehabilitating seminars , within the field of moving towards jobs nationalization and rehabilitation, in addition to nationalizing the supreme management of Ajman Free Zone. Finally, he indicated that Ajman Free Zone has adopted an employment policy which depends on three principle themes which are: creating adequate motivations to attract citizens, creating a healthy atmosphere for employees that ensure their persistence in work, and preparing a qualified citizen who gets along with the latest developments and who is able to face challenges.  


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